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Alert - Mexican Airspace - No Expiration

SENEAM published a list of Companies that will not be allowed to fly into Mexican Airspace due to overflight services overdue payments. Update:  The list from SENEAM's website has disappeared.  The easiest way for anyone who wishes to check their status is to use a 3rd party. I reccomend  I have been a user since their inception and I can easily recommend them.  Call the number at the bottom of this page.

Alert - Venezuela Airspace - No Expiration

Numerous private aircraft have reported being denied access into Venezuelan Airspace even though all of the required permits were issued.  Venezuela controllers may not provide a reason other than "Administrative Reasons".  Should this occur obviously remain well outside Venezuelan airspace.  Venezuelan controllers may attempt to engage in irrelevant radio communications and recommend you divert towards Columbian airspace.  A permit (including number) is required to enter Columbian airspace.  If you don't have a Colombian over flight the only way around Venezuelan airspace will be through Guyana or Surinam airspace.  There have been reports of aircraft being intercepted entering Venezuelan airspace without authorization.  We recommend you flight plan accordingly and have a way out.

South American Communications - No Expiration

Remember that the range of VHF transmitters are similar to that of VOR transmitters.  One way of ensuring that you don't lose communications or miss a "Handoff" with a center is a courtesy "Radio Check" every two hundred miles or so whether you are under radar control or not.  This technique applies world wide but it is more relevant over sparsely populated areas.